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One Stop Cares (OSC) aims to help families living in underserved communities reach their full potential by creating pathways that provide opportunities to build a better future. To further this mission, OSC has partnered with The Florida Incubator (TFI) to provide a framework of support for its residents to build successful businesses in Florida. OSC works to strengthen the STEM education and professional ambitions of aspiring entrepreneurs, while TFI builds upon these efforts by helping them get their business ideas off the ground, providing professional advice and mentorship from industry experts, as well as financial assistance for promising startups and growing businesses.


Everything Entrepreneurs Need to Build, Launch & Grow

The Florida Incubator consists of seasoned entrepreneurs and legal, financing and marketing experts who are dedicated to volunteering their time to help those in our communities reach their business goals, providing essential services to thrive.

  • Entrepreneurial AdviceOne-on-one advice and mentorship from successful entrepreneurs who have founded, launched and grown their own businesses. Learn where the potential pitfalls are before you hit them.
  • Legal AssistanceAssistance with incorporating, compliance with relevant local, state and Federal regulations, tax advice, and more. Limit your risks, liability and set yourself up to succeed.
  • Marketing ConsultationDoes your idea have market viability? What is your unique differentiation? Where will your customers come from and how will you reach them? Get answers from professionals.
  • FinancingFinancial assistance and guidance to get your business idea up-and-running. From assistance with grants and loans to connections with co-founders, investors and sponsors, we’re here to help get you started.

News & Media

Feb. 8, 2022 — Motorized All-Terrain Chair Giving Disabled Access to Hard-to-Reach Places

One of the entrepreneurial companies supported by the Florida Incubator was featured on ABC 7 Sarasota News!

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