The key to all success is action.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic creating a “new normal” for residents of our communities, One Stop Cares is guiding resources towards activities that are most beneficial for their immediate needs. We are partnering with local businesses in our neighborhoods to provide residents with healthcare, food, comfort, and relief during these challenging times.

Home Furnishings


One Stop Housing and One Stop Cares, in collaboration with Embrace of Celebration recently surprised two families with furnishings in their new home at Backlot Apartments in Kissimmee, FL. The families had previously struggled through homelessness and losing most of their possessions. The apartments were professional decorated and we believe they came out BEAUTIFUL. We’d like to extend a warm welcome to our new residents and thank Embrace for their generous donation!

Onsite Telemedicine Center at Backlot Apartments


Through partnership with Osceola Community Health Services, One Stop Housing’s Backlot Apartments community now offers Tele-Health and Tele-Therapy services to residents and the surrounding community including primary care, behavioral health, pediatrics care, and more.

Free Tuesday Night Dinners


Team members of One Stop Cares partnered with Paradise Grills to distribute free Tuesday night dinners to our residents.

Holiday Toy Drive


In December 2020, One Stop Cares rolled out a Holiday Toy Drive for Kids, collecting over 500 toys for the many children living at various properties managed by One Stop Housing.

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